The World Masters Games 2017 Was a Huge Success

This year the World masters games 2017 was an overwhelming success. Not only is Auckland one of the most beautiful places in the world, surrounded by harbours, beaches, and stunning views, but it was also the host of The World masters games 2017. These games are open to sports and people of all abilities and most ages. Anybody who wants to participate is allowed to provided that they meet the correct requirements such the age requirements. You need to be between the ages of 25 and 35 years of age but this does depend on the individual sport.

This year the International Master Games Association, actually declared The World masters games 2017 as “the best ever”. This is a very big statement to make, and sports fan will know just how powerful this really is. It has been a great way to confirm to everybody all over the world that New Zealand really is a winning country. They delivered the best event to date. This was the ninth even to take place and they really exceeded everyone expectations.

In terms of the figures, well this year The World masters games 2017, in Auckland did a phenomenal job, as they brought $34.2m incremental GDP and 241,480 visitor nights. In terms of surveys and report backs on the event, New Zealand scores a full 98 percent success rate from people saying that the even in fact was well organised. Each event, there is a motto and the motto this time was “For the Love of Sport”. In terms of attendance record, they beat all the other games with a very impressive attendance record of 28,578 competitors.

The world will not be forgetting world masters games 2017 any time soon, this is guaranteed. In 2021 is the next event which will be hosted in Kansai. Let’s see how they compare to the remarkable job that New Zealand did.

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