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A superhero is nothing but a fictional or imaginary character that appears in animated films, cartoons or video games. They are very strong and have many extraordinary skills to fight with the bad forces for a good cause. For example, a superhero can jump from the top of one tall building to another easily without any injury. Generally the kids and teens are crazy about these superheroes and they try to imitate their costumes, actions and more. A superhero can be male or female.

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Most popular superhero games

Even though many superhero video games have been released so far, those stated below are the most popular ones.

  • Spider-Man

The first version of Spider-Man video game was released in the year 2002. It is based on the popular comics character Spider-Man. Movies were also released based on this character. In this game, the player controls the action of the character named Peter Parker who becomes the Spider-Man after he was bitten by a spider. He gets many super natural powers after the bite like climbing to the roof of the building from ground without using any ladder. The other versions of the game are Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man 3. The game is available for all gaming platforms like PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox and more.

  • Batman

The first version of the game is named as “Batman: Arkham Asylum”. It is based on the comics character Batman and was released in the year 2009. The player controls the actions of the character Batman who can run very fast and climb low levels. It is available for gaming platforms like PlayStation, Xbox and more.

  • Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

The first version of the game was released in the year 2006. The significant feature of this game is that it involves many super heroes and villains instead of one. The player can select his/her own teams from the list of characters available. The game supports multiplayer mode and is available for platforms like PlayStation and Xbox. Ultimate Alliance 2 was released in 2009.

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