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In order to understand the relationship between video games and software engineering, it is necessary to understand how a video game is developed from scratch.

How are video games developed?

The development of video games are similar to making a movie except that there are no actors/actresses involved. The following steps are needed to create a video game.

  • Design

The first step in the video game development process is designing the concept or story line of the game. It involves the team work of various writers who creates the objective or plot of the game, number of characters, their functionalities and more.

After finalising the characters, the next step is to visualise them. In this step, the artists join the writer’s team and draw the characters on a board or on a paper. Then the features or functionalities of the characters are decided. For example, if the character is a monkey, all kinds of actions performed by the monkey should be defined. The finalised images are then digitised into a computer. This completes the design process.

  • Development

The development involves both the hardware and the software. Hardware is the format of the final product which is a CD/DVD. The software for the game is developed by a team of software engineers using programming languages like Java, C++, Visual C++ and more. The actions performed by the characters are programmed by these engineers. Sound effects needed for the game will be developed by a separate team and the sounds are recorded in a studio using various instruments and techniques.

  • Testing

Once the software is developed, its features are tested thoroughly by the developers as well as the testers of the team. Apart from this, the beta version of the software will be given to game players as well as users who don’t have much idea about video games. These steps helps to find all kind of bugs in the software so that it can be corrected and the software can be made robust.

After testing, the software is loaded into CD/DVD and released to the market.

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