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Logitech International S.A. is a popular company for providing computer related accessories like keyboard, mouse, webcam, speakers and more. It’s main headquarters is located in Switzerland. Even though it provides many accessories, the most popular one is the mouse which is available in normal as well as wireless.

What is a Gaming Controller?

Logitech gaming controller is a small handheld device developed by Logitech for using along with video games or other kinds of entertainment. Mostly, it will be used to control any object or a character in the video game. It will be connected either to a gaming console or the computer using a cord. It is bigger than a TV remote. It will look like a binocular in appearance. It has various buttons or controls for controlling simply the motion of the object/character or even more complicated actions. It is available in both wired and wireless forms.

Some of the popular Logitech gaming controllers are Logitech F310 Game pad and Logitech F710 Wireless Game pad.

What is Gaming Software?

Logitech gaming software is nothing but a piece of software that can be used to configure or customise the individual controls of the Logitech gaming controller. The control can be a webcam, mouse, keyboard, button etc. The configuration can be changed for each and every game according to the need. For example, the same control can be used for running in one game and walking in another game. The controls can be configured individually.

In addition to single level commands like Run, Turn, Jump etc. it is also possible to configure multi-level commands like Turn left and Run. Using a Logitech Gaming software it is possible to create a completely new game profile or modify the existing profile.

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The gaming software is available for most of the versions of Windows as well as Mac.

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