Computer Software And Gaming – Disney Games

Computer Software And Gaming – Disney Games

Introduction ‘Disney’ is one the favourite keywords for kids all over the world as they have a variety of products to play with and watch like cartoons, animated movies, stuffed dolls, costumes, More »

Computer software and gaming – EB games

Computer software and gaming – EB games

Introduction Video games are the most popular gaming system predominantly used by kids and teens. It is very entertaining and addictive in such a way that people will forget the time, hunger, More »

Computer software and gaming – Running games

Computer software and gaming – Running games

Introduction In real life, running is not possible in all places as it may disrupt the people. It is safe and legal to run in playgrounds, beaches, parks and other places having More »


Computer Software and Gaming – Boxing Games


Boxing is a powerful and energetic game which needs a strong body and mind for participation. It is the national game for many countries like Canada, Bangladesh and more. It is not possible to practice the game casually like tennis or basketball. But the boxing video games can fulfill that desire because it gives a real feel and thrill to the player as if they are fighting on a stage. If the gaming platform has good speakers, then it will be really a true entertainer.

Even though new games have not been released in the recent years, there are many amazing boxing games released in the past by various companies. Let’s have a look at some of them below.


Punch-Out was released in the year 1987. It was developed by Nintendo for the gaming platform NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). There are many versions of this game and the most popular one is Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out. The player has to take the role of the boxer known as Little Mac who fights very hard and his dream is to compete against a boxer like Mike Tyson.

Fight Night 2004

Fight Night 2004 game is developed by Electronic Arts. It was released in the year 2004. The attractive feature in this game is Total Punch Control which is a control based on an analogue stick. Using this control it is possible to make straight punch, leaning & blocking and more. After the huge success of this game, more advanced versions were released as given below:

  • Fight Night Round 2 – 2005
  • Fight Night Round 3 – 2006
  • Fight Night Round 4 – 2009

Fight Night Champion game is the latest version of Fight Night 2004. It was released in the year of 2011. The game has three modes namely Fight Now, Legacy and Champion. Legacy mode is the most popular of all the three as it helps the player to select the boxer as well as a specific game from almost all the games in his career.

These games are available for all platforms like PlayStation, Nintendo and more.

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